Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stupidest Interview Question to Date

I had a phone interview the other day that for the most part was nothing special. I was asked about my background, all the lies on my resume, etc, etc. I thought it was a slam dunk for me to reject the job until the final question: If you were going to open a restaurant what are the steps you would take to do so? Let's pretend for a second that this wasn't a job for a business analyst position in the web department of a financial company, but it was actually relevant to the job at hand. I gotta say I nailed it. I pulled out every douchey line you could think of. I discussed picking the perfect location based on demographics and ideal clientele, to having a soft opening so locals could taste the delicious food. Hell, I even discussed figuring out how to make a profit when the food industry is so fickle. It was amazing how insane yet spot on my answers were for someone who clearly would be shut down by the health department day two. Anyway, when I was done giving my full description of how I would open Barry's House of Cheese, the recruiter said to me that I was spot on with my critical thinking which is what they wanted to see. She then informed that she was mistaken and there were no open positions with the company. She thanked me for my time. I didn't want to work at their financial company anyway. So there!

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